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Industrial Health and Safety

Health is defined as a state of complete wellbeing of the mind, body and soul, and not mere prevention from diseases and epidemics. Industrial health and safety involves all the measures undertaken by an industrial organization to ensure safe and sound working environment for the employees.

World Health Organization and International Labor Laws together released a common definition of Industrial Health and Safety in 1950. Few of the points covered under this definition include:

Providing a safe and conductive environment to the employees with health of the employees taken into consideration.

Fostering a working culture that accounts health of employees as a primary concern. Such cohesive working culture increases productivity of the employees.

It involves fostering an environment that causes least or almost no health hazards to the employees. An individual spends significant 8 to 9 hours daily in the organization, hence ensuring their safety and providing a healthy environment is one of the prime concerns of the organizations. An organization should be well equipped with all PPEs i.e. Personal Protective Equipment to ensure that the employees working in industries like mining, coal or construction are safe from any lurking hazards. PPEs consists of safety helmets, gloves, ear protection, face masks, reflectors, safety footwears and safety goggles to prevent any damage to the human body.

Work equipment also consists of Respiratory Protective Equipment to enable safe breathing in case of pollution or toxic gases (used mainly in mining or construction companies).  Apart from PPEs and RPEs an organization should also have working equipment like hand tools, transport equipment, display screen equipment and lifting equipment.

There are various kinds of industrial hazards spanning from physical to biological to chemical and covers psychological factors as well. Physical factors like occupational hearing loss and falls are some of the major hazards to the employees. According to a report, occupational hearing loss is the most common physical health hazard to employees in several parts of the world.

Hence, it is mandatory for the organizations to create a safe and secure working place for the employees. Implement all safety norms, have basic medical facilities, foster a working culture that promotes work life balance and eliminates the industrial health hazards to a greater degree.

It is also very important for the organization to be well equipped with PPEs and RPES as well as working equipment to ensure zero fatality. In a nutshell, Industrial health and safety involves mapping every employee to his job and adapting work to each employee.

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