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Fasteners and Clamps

Fasteners and clamps are used for temporary joints in the industrial sector. Clamp is a fastening device which is used to join objects together. They are used for mechanically joining two or more work pieces together that can be dismantled when required without any physical damage.

Welding, soldering and brazing are used to create permanent joints unlike fasteners. Fastening industry is a strong base industry that closely works with the automobile, aircraft and machinery industry. There are varieties of fasteners available in the market and before selecting the fastener it is important to consider the applied pressure on the fasteners, stiffness and number to fasteners required to create a joint.

Steel fasteners are the most popular fasteners used in the industrial sector. Three main categories of the steel fasteners are stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy steel.  Alloys are mainly used for fasteners. Titanium and aluminum are also used for making fasteners. There are certain factors that should be kept in mind before selecting a fastener. These factors include accessibility, reusability, weight constraints and installation process.

There are various types of fasteners available and some of the type of fasteners include:

Anchor Bolts: These fasteners are used for transferring different types of forces like sheer force and are used for joining structural or nonstructural substances to concrete.

Batten: It is typically a strip of solid material used for joining objects. The solid material could be plastic or word.

Captive fasteners: These are used for permanent joints. They are secure and prevent loose fastening.

Lobster Clamps are a type of fasteners that uses springs for fastening. They are opened and closed with the help of a lever.

Apart from these various other fasteners like flanges, grommets, latches, pegs, rivets, rock bolts are also available. We also have variety of clamps which include Band Clamp, Bar Clamp, C Clamp, Flooring Clamp, Miltre Clamp, Pipe Clamp etc. All these and many more are just a click away at our website.

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