Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer System

0 Ratings P59-1131229-49606

Price Range : USD 1001 - USD 5000

Supplier : Total Industrial Solutions

Product Details

Model No ZR202G/S, ZR402G, ZR22G/S
Make Yokogawa
Origin Japan
Unit Sets
Minimum Order Quantity 1

Technical Specification / Description

Yokogawa presents zirconia oxygen analyzers for saving energy and environmental protection

Get a Long Service Life and Stable Operation with a Zirconia Sensor
Sensor Replacement is Easy

  • A molecular bonding method completes installation of platinum. electrodes, and its inherent connection prevents separation of platinum from the zirconia element.
  • A lead-less electrode design eliminates electrical disconnection.
  • Special coating protects the platinum and prevents the sensors from deteriorating or becoming damaged.
  • No special tool is required for cell replacement. Whenever required, the cell is easily removed by removing four screws from the top of the probe.
Down time ("from the time installation is started until it is completed") is minimized to approximately ten minutes. After the cell is replaced, the analyzer requires a zero and span calibration only once.

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