SKF Induction heater TIH L44

0 Ratings P115-1131004-42165

Price Range : USD 101 - USD 1000

Supplier : M. P. Brothers

Product Details

Model No TIH L44
Make SKF
Origin Sweden
Unit N/A
Minimum Order Quantity 1

Technical Specification / Description

Extra large induction heater with a 1 200 kg bearing heating capacity • Using just 20 kVA of electrical power, the TIH L series can heat large bearings up to 1 200 kg (2 600 lb) • Bearings and work pieces can be heated vertically or horizontally • Compact design allows the TIH L series heaters to be easily transported by forklift • Available in two versions: 230 V/50–60 Hz and 400–460 V/50–60 Hz • Available with two different operating areas (w X h) 425 X 492 mm, Bore diameter range 100–800 mm,

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