Expanded Graphite Sheet

0 Ratings P146-1131198-49408

Price Range : USD 1 - USD 100

Supplier : Jay Agenciez

Product Details

Model No Expanded Graphite
Make Graphaite
Origin N/A
Unit N/A
Minimum Order Quantity 1

Technical Specification / Description


EXPANDED GRAPHITE SHEET : It is a replacement to the hazardous asbestos packing sheet.

Being relatively soft, it has excellent compressabilty even at elevated temperatures. Remains flexible throughout service life. It is mainly used in steam line flanges, systems handling acids, alkalis. Also used in automobiles & generator head gaskets, etc.

Application Parameters :


pH : - 14+450

Temperature (0C) : in oxidizing, +650 in steam

Pressure (BAR) : Vacuum 28" Hg to 300

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