Aquafix Pipe Repair Kits

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Model No Aquafix
Make Aquafix
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Technical Specification / Description

AQUAFIX WRAP REPAIR Online Pipe Repair kit

Sets like Steel
Works up-to 480 Deg. C.
Can withstand a Working Pressure of 20 Bar.
Suitable for Underwater applications.
Has Excellent Corrosion Resistance.
Sets within 30 minutes.
Ensures a permanent Leak free repair

Aquafix is applied after plugging the leaking hole or split with our special epoxy putty which is included in the AQUAFIX WRAP REPAIR kit. This putty is kneaded to activate the setting agent and is as hard as steel within minutes of mixing. It is extremely tough and durable with exceptional adhesion to a wide range of materials.

After one hour, it can be drilled, tapped, filed, machined, etc. It will not rust or oxidise. It is also impervious to chemicals and corrosion and will adhere to wet surfaces, underwater, and within chemicals. The putty is NSF certified safe for repair of all drinking water pipes, tanks and systems.

AQUAFIX WRAP REPAIR was developed as a simple, user-friendly method of repairing leaks and breaks in water lines. However, upon its introduction to the marketplace, many more uses for WRAP REPAIR became apparent. The WRAP REPAIR kit is now being used throughout the world in plants, factories, ships, schools, oil and gas companies, utility businesses, lawn and garden maintenance companies, hatcheries, wineries, farms and plantations. WRAP REPAIR offers additional benefits such as corrosion prevention, insulation, encapsulation and the strengthening of all types of pipes and hoses.

WRAP REPAIR is a specially formulated water activated fiber glass tape designed as a strong, permanent and economical repair for water lines, irrigation lines, pipe lines, sewer lines, drainage lines or any other type of fluid or gaseous transporting lines. Permanent repairs can be made on almost any type of material and meets EPA requirements for drinking water systems. It works on virtually any kind of material and is an easy alternative to traditional methods .

WRAP REPAIR is ideal for almost any kind of pipe or hose and is recommended for structural repairs and strengthening, corrosion prevention as well as asbestos containment

WRAP REPAIR can be considered a permanent or temporary fix. It has the versatility to be used on sensitive repairs such as portable water lines as well as the strength to be used on petroleum and chemical lines.
WRAP REPAIR not only makes repairs above ground, it even works under water, in fresh or saltwater.
WRAP REPAIR not only keeps fluids from leaking, it also keeps fluids from penetrating a wrapped area. This allows for corrosion prevention, asbestos containment, sealing and waterproofing.

WRAP REPAIR can be used for a wide range of Industrial/Domestic applications including:

Household repairs, Pools and Spa, Automotive, Marine Industry, Fire Sprinkler Pipes, Irrigation Lines and Field Sprinkler Systems, Water Supply Lines, Waste and Disposal Lines, Pneumatic Systems, Boiler Room Pipe Work, Blast Furnace Supply Lines, Exhaust & Duct work, Food & Drink Processing Machinery, Process Chemical Lines, Wheat, Grain & Silo Shots, Utility Pipelines (under & over ground), Bridge piling, Douck Pilings, Pier Pilings, Concrete Construction Pilings, Well Drilling Rigs, Water Treatment Lines, General Building Maintenance and Repair, Corrosion P'evention, Asbestos Containment and General Structural Strength enging.

Aquafix wrap repair is Available in 2 sizes

1) 50mm wide x 1.5m Long Tape

2) 100mm wide x 4.5m long Tape

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