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About Us

The concept of Industrial e-Cart was initiated to support the industries to fulfil its demand and supply in terms of machinery components & spares, industrial products and services.

The mission was to create a single platform to gather and share all the information related to industrial products & components be it a technical, commercial or value addition and to create awareness on new development in the industrial product segment which would potentially reduce the breakdown and increase the equipment and plant availability, reliability and efficiency.

As a result of all the collective efforts the Industrial e-Cart was founded, and the website was launched on 8th April 2014.

Industrial e-Cart is an integrated industrial product platform, which provides all kinds of information on industrial products and services.


To Provide a Platform for all the Industrial Demand and Supply

For Sellers

Provide a Platform to Display their Products and Services around the World in an Easier, Affordable, Effective & Convenient way

For Buyers

Provide a Platform to Explore any kind of Industrial Products and Services with Broader Selections, Genuine Sources and Competitive Pricing with complete Technical Details


To be an Industry Preferred Integrated Product and Service Platform for all the Industrial Demand and Supply

Industrial e-Cart provides a platform with various tools for Manufacturers, Distributors, Traders and Service providers to display their Product and Service capabilities to the end users with case studies, documents and learning videos.

It enables the buyers to review the products and services offered technically and contact the sellers directly to communicate further, negotiate on commercial terms and finalize the deal. It will also give them an opportunity to interact with industry experts, access technical data and share their field knowledge to help others.